Behind the Scenes + What's in Store for 2018

Behind the Scenes + What's in Store for 2018 gives you an update on what I've been working on the last few months, and how I want to serve you in 2018!

We have a little over a week left until Thanksgiving, and I'm already thinking about 2018. It's never too early, right? This little business has picked up momentum during the last half of 2017, and it's serving as motivation for all the ways I can help you in the new year!

Behind The Scenes

Since my last blog post about What Small Business Owners Struggle With on Social Media, I've:

  • Hosted the first Social Media workshop here in Charlottesville, and

  • Survived the first leg of puppy-parenting (I hear it gets worse before it gets better though...)

Instagram for Small Business Owners Workshop


I hosted my first social media workshop in downtown Charlottesville about a month ago, and it was so much fun!

Our theme was how to use Instagram to grow your small business, and I had a group of four business owners who were enthusiastic about workshopping and chatting about the basics of Instagram. We dove into what it means to have a business account, how to check Insights, and ways to create content that is consistent with a business' brand.


True (Puppy) Love

Maya is now almost 16 weeks old and she gets sweeter by the day! Not without a side of cray, though. Originally we had a pretty rough time adjusting to this new BEING in our lives, but as she gets older it's easier for us to, you know, not take her out every hour or two! 

We're working with a dog trainer who comes to the house twice a month--this has been GREAT for us to learn training basics and ask her to help us with certain issues that have come up. When we first had Maya, she would freak out if we left her in the pen with her meals, and would basically only eat if we were in there with her and/or feeding her. The trainer gave us a couple of quick tips and it solved our situation 100%!

What's In Store For 2018

It's crazy to think about how this business has evolved. When I started in January, the goal was to almost exclusively manage social media accounts for other companies. But with the help and support of Nicole and the Blogger to Business group, I've learned that it's more enjoyable, fulfilling, and valuable for me to focus more on the educational piece. 

The social media workshop was fun to put together and it was so fulfilling to see small business owners understand and feel empowered by the topics we discussed. That being said, hosting workshops will be a focus of 2018! I haven't decided how often to host them yet, but this will be your go-to place to see when the next one is (as well as on social media).

On a more personal level, mentorships will be an additional focus in the new year. These are a branch of the workshops, with more one-on-one education and accountability. Small business owners will get specific guidance on how to use social media to grow their business, and we'll work closely together to strategize a plan.

For more information about mentorships, click HERE.


Other Things You'll Get

Besides more opportunities to attend workshops and sign up for mentorships, I still want to provide valuable information to you through this blog, social media, and ultimately through the e-mail newsletter. Sign up HERE to stress less about social media and get easy, actionable tips from me!